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Navigating your commercial real estate goals in the right direction

Navigating your commercial real estate goals in the right direction

Navigating your commercial real estate goals in the right direction Navigating your commercial real estate goals in the right direction

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Commercial Real Estate Facts


Interested in learning about some general facts about commercial real estate property types, leases and what factors can affect the commercial real estate market?  Click here.

Understanding the Lease


If you plan to lease space for your business, it's important to have a basic understanding about the various types of commercial leases and what they mean.  Click here to learn more.

Should I Buy or Should I Lease?


Debating the buy vs. lease question for your business?  Click here for some food for thought and ideas about making the decision. 

How Much Retail Space Do I Need?


So you have a great business model in place, and you're ready to look for the perfect location for your store.  Click here for some tips about how to calculate the amount of space you need that's just right. 

How Much Office Space Do We Need?


Office space configurations vary greatly from a simple, open, "collaborative" plan, to a need for private offices and a large conference room.  Click here for some guidance about determining what you need. 

Ready to Start Investing in Commercial Real Estate?


Are you considering  some commercial real estate investments?  Click here for a brief introduction and some of the benefits of commercial real estate investing.

Commercial Tenant Representation and Why You Need It


Think that by calling a landlord rep agent off of a sign that they'll have your best interests in mind during lease negotiations?   Think again.

Click here to learn more.

Understanding the Cap Rate in Investment Real Estate


Click here for a brief introduction to cap rates 

(short for capitalization rates), and the factors that can influence this fundamental investment concept. 

Buying Tenanted Property: Some Pros and Cons


Understanding leases is crucial when you're considering investments in tenanted properties such as multi-family, office, retail, and industrial.  Click here for some points to think about.

What Different Types of Leases Mean


Commercial lease structures can be confusing and vary from one  property type to another.  Click here to learn about what the most widely used lease types mean.  

How to Create a Timeline to Find New Office Space


Is your business outgrowing your current location (or your living room?) . Click here to learn how to create a timeline for finding space with room to grow. 

Opportunity Zones & Taxes | What you Need to Know


Have you heard about the investment benefits regarding Opportunity Zones?  Click here  for a PDF that includes an overview about the program.  Contact us today and we will put you in touch with Opportunity Zone investment experts.